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Legacies: Collecting America's History at the Smithsonian, by Steven Lubar and Kathleen M. Kendrick
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Bridal shower doll, 1930sBridal shower doll, 1930s

"This is Anna in miniature / Armed for new duties to be sure. / Her dress will make your tumblers shine / Her veil will make a duster fine." So begins the typewritten poem that accompanies this remarkable doll, discovered at an antiques store in Kensington, Maryland, in 1989. Her face a painted wooden spoon and her hair a mop, "Anna," wearing a cheesecloth veil and a dish-towel gown and holding a biscuit-cutter bouquet, symbolized the domestic duties that awaited a bride-to-be in the 1930s. The doll's original owner is not known; how it managed to survive intact and unused all these years remains a mystery.

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